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We offer various productions where the backbone is always the OMAC, but they have different approaches, protagonists, and audiences.

55_OMAC Teatre Kursaal_©MarioWurzburger_


A concert composed and directed by Dani López and Martí Torras, where transhumance and transhumanism are the central theme of this new spectacle.

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La Crida

Intensive international training in traditional music, aimed at young musicians and taught by musical authorities from our country. It is a three-day program that combines theory and practical music sessions.


A concert composed and directed by Dani López, for over thirty musicians and solo singer Anna Ferrer. Twelve poems set to music by post-contemporary poets from across the Catalan Countries.


Commented concert

An intimate concert where the audience can witness an open rehearsal of OMAC while interacting with the performers and conductor, exploring the inner workings of the orchestra and its working methods.

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