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OMAC Juvenil

We are an orchestra that professionally trains and showcases young composers and performers from the Catalan Countries through innovative stage productions. Like the Orquestra de Músiques d'Arrel de Catalunya, we embrace experimentation, quality, and creativity with the aim of attracting a new young audience to popular and traditional music.

The unique sound of our ensemble is a direct result of an orchestral lineup that includes performers from traditional, modern, jazz, and contemporary classical backgrounds, selected through open auditions. Being part of the orchestra is a great opportunity for training and professional development (training scholarships, professional network) that requires dedication (rehearsals and performances).


Transatlàntic  is a show designed for young audiences, offering an irresistible combination of music, theater, and dynamic partner dancing. This high-energy session is arranged and conducted by Magí Capdevila and Martí Torras. The production unveils the Atlantic connection of Catalan music and has an academic dimension, incorporating surprising discoveries resulting from research conducted by the Grup de Recerca Musicològica at ESMUC (Catalan College of Music).

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